50+ Presents: Gospel in the Feasts of Israel


The Gospel in the Feasts of Israel - Presented by Bruce Rapp

The ‘Gospel in the Feasts of Israel’ message focuses on the seven chief Old Testament holidays or feasts. The presentation  explains the purpose of these celebrations both then and now. It also shows how the coming of Jesus fulfilled those feasts and gave them a larger meaning. This is an excellent teaching on the relationship of the Old and New Testaments. It also reveals the opportunities for Jewish evangelism throughout the year.


Bruce Rapp heads the Phoenix branch of Jews for Jesus. He previously served with the leadership team of their New York branch and has served with our Chicago branch and as National Director of Mobile Evangelism at the San Francisco ministry headquarters. It was at a church's Easter production that he began considering the claims of Jesus. He was amazed to hear the pastor relate prophetic Hebrew scriptures--Isaiah 53, Micah 5, Psalm 22--to Jesus. Bruce found himself wondering, "Could this be true or are they changing the words?" Through reading the Bible and attending church services, the truth became unavoidably clear: they had not changed the words. Finally, during a presentation on King David, Bruce realized that no matter what he did or didn't do, he would always be a Jew--and, he says, by accepting Jesus, he has become a faithful Jew. 

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