August 2018  
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Communion at Hope Hull is open for all who desire to participate.  You do not have to be a member of the United Methodist Church or of Hope Hull church to share in this sacrament.

The elements of bread and grape juice are offered at both the 8:30am and 11:00am services on the first Sunday of each month. Occasional adjustments are made to this schedule to accommodate other church observances.

Typically communion is by intinction.   In this practice, the bread, or host, is offered to each person who then break a small portion of the loaf for themselves and holds it in their hand.  When the cup is offered, the worshipper briefly dips the host into the juice and the elements are then consumed together. Communion in this form is usually offered to a continuously moving line of participants who are directed from their seats to the stations where the elements are presented, and then directed again to their seats by the ushers.

In some circumstances communion at Hope Hull may be offered to persons kneeling at the altar rail using individual wafers or other pre-formed bread and individual communion cups.  Again, the ushers direct participants as necessary.

In any form of communion observance, provision is made for persons unable to come forward for the elements, but wishing to share in the sharing of the sacrament.  

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