August 2018  
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Pastor’s Class

Would you prefer to study the bible chronologically?  If so, then the Pastor’s Class maybe your class!  This class is currently studying the gospels chronologically. They are using the Chronological Life Application Study Bible as their curriculum.  All of the lessons and stories from the gospels are together and in the historical order they occurred.  They are divided into 10 eras of biblical history, with the books intermingled to help you see how the story actually unfolded.

  1. Beginnings: Creation–2100 B.C.
  2. God’s Chosen Family: 2100–1800 B.C.
  3. The Birth of Israel 1800 BC-1406BC
  4. Possessing the Land: 1406–1050 B.C.
  5. United Monarchy 1050BC-930 BC
  6. Splintered Nation: 930–586 B.C
  7. Exile: 586–538 B.C.
  8. Return and Diaspora: 538–6 B.C.
  9. Jesus Christ: 6 B.C.–A.D. 30
  10. The Church: A.D. 30–Present
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